Newsletter - Between the Posts

The purpose of a newsletter is to provide specialized information to our clubs and its members. This newsletter will be used to foster a greater sense of community, develop a better informed football community, and to build a consolidation of understandings.

We will create a better-informed community by providing information for competitions and about the Association. We aim to help members better understand how the Association works.

When clubs and their members understand the goals of the Association and see how their work helps to achieve those goals, everyone can be more productive.

Clubs can help build relationships by writing about club and team events and achievements.

The key to a successful newsletter is making it useful to our readers. Include information in all areas of the football communityand ensure the information is what our readers want and need.


"Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in everyday"  


Please submit information to add to the newsletter to either :

Alan Spaul  
Email:  aspaul@iinet.net.au  

Paul Sydenham 
Email: president@nswcfa.com.au  



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