We are seeking sponsorship to create a National Titles event even better than last year, that event  was hailed as the best National Titles held so far.  


For further information about our sponsorship proposal contact  

Stuart Smith P - 0419 014 323  Email - secretary@nswcfa.com.au  

Churches Football Association Sydney Inc would like to thank the following Sponsors:  

Vebiz Grants
PO Box 223
Forestville NSW 2087
Ph:  02 8003 5979   
Fax: 02 8999 4295 
Email: consult@vebiz.com.au
Web: www.vebiz.com.au

Southern Cross Stainless Steel
23-27 Clapham Rd
Regents Park  NSW  2143
Ph: 02 9644 2811
Fax:  02 9645 1114
Email:  general@southerncrossstainlesssteel.com.au

Web:  www.southerncrossstainlesssteel.com.au  



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